Nuchem Limited - A Profile

Nuchem Limited is an environmental friendly diversified Company having its registered head office at Faridabad, Haryana. One of the ISO 9001:2000 certified Companies, Nuchem nearly 1000 employees, over 45,000 shareholders and 800 trade associates.

Nuchem Limited is a technology driven chemical engineering Company that uses a variety of chemical processes to produce primary materials that go into the manufacture of numerous products consumed by other industries: electrical, building & construction, lamination, pharmaceuticals, furniture, artifacts, consumer durables such as kitchen and tableware, machine building etc. Being a major player in the field of environment management and water, all its products conform to IS Standards and the corresponding British and American Standards.

Nuchem is a pioneer in manufacturing urea & melamine formaldehyde moulding powders. It is also the market leader in manufacturing and marketing of MDF in India under the brand `NUWUD'. It has India's largest agro & plantation based MDF manufacturing facility situated at Tohana, Haryana with installed capacity of 60,000 m3.

Nuchem is among India's leading companies providing Waste Water and Effluent Treatment Systems. It specializes in removal of dissolved salts in water using advanced Membrane based technologies, seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination sewerage recycling and STP/ETP technologies are its forte. Today, Nuchem is firmly established in the forefront of desalination industry in India and is one of the few Companies in the world to successfully manufacture highly selective electro dialysis membranes.

The emphasis on growth through research and innovations has always reflected in Nuchem's philosophy. Its R&D Centre was setup in 1973 and is fuelled by an efficient team of well qualified scientists and technologists. The R&D Centre boasts to its fourteen patents and is regarded as the leading testing labs in Northern India.

Chemical Division

The Chemical Division of NUCHEM was established in 1955 for the manufacture of Urea & Melamine Formaldehyde Moulding Powders for the first time in India. Today the division also manufactures UF Resins & Formaldehyde.

The excellent reputation NUCHEM enjoys nationwide is not only due to its diverse, high quality product mix, but also largely due to a constant effort to build up a strong technological base of well integrated product lines on the formaldehyde base. A large capacity of Formaldehyde production has given NUCHEM the ability to cater to bulk requirements even in an emergency.

Not only does the division make a variety of chemicals, it also provides know-how to other entrepreneurs. Committed to entrepreneurial development as an objective, the division has assisted entrepreneurs to set up successful projects. The division also undertakes turnkey projects for setting up Formaldehyde and Hexamine plant and has set up three such successful operative plants in India and one abroad.

In catering to the evergrowing list of customers the accent is on providing excellent technical, commercial and after sales services. Efficient distribution system by nationwide branches/warehouses in another part of the marketing mix. The customer profile of the Chemical Division is essentially a listing of the leaders in their fields leading plywood manufacturers, electrical accessories & electronic component makers, tyre & tube manufactures, leading explosive, thermosetting resins manufacturers, leaders in paper, textile industry and tableware/ crockery manufacturers of repute.

All this has been made possible through continuous efforts made by the highly qualified & well knit professional team of engineers, technicians & commercial experts who form the veritable backbone of the Division.

NUCHEM – Chemical Division is in process to reach out world's consumers for its products directly to play an active role in global market.

NUWUD MDF Division

Nuchem Limited established in 1996, India's largest agro and plantation based Medium Density Fibreboard manufacturing plant with technology bought from M/s.Sunds Defibrator AB, Sweden. The plant is situated at Tohana (Haryana State) and has an installed capacity of 60,000 m3 per year. The plant uses state-of-the-art technology.

NUWUD MDF is a timber substitute product and saves forest resources. The Tohana plant alone, helps preserve as much as 14,000 hectares of precious forest every year. It is used in building & construction industry, furniture making industrial applications in dozens of forms and in handicraft sector. The product is sold by NUWUD Marketing organization headquartered in New Delhi having a network of branch offices across the country.

Both the manufacturing plant and the marketing organization are manned by teams of talented, high calibre and dedicated personnel and have been granted ISO 9001-2000 certificate.

Environment Management Centre

In 1976, Nuchem established the Environment Management Centre (EMC) as a business Division of the Company. The task enfolds:

* To provide environmental services, basically the analytical and treatment solutions to the environmental problems faced by industrial enterprises, government bodies and other technical agencies

* To take up environment management projects: water treatment, waste water management, recycling of sanitary, urban and industrial waste and building capacity for effective water management and service delivery

* To conduct applied and application research for process upgradation, product improvement, innovating new techniques and products for Nuchem Ltd. and other sponsors

These three tasks have been converted into separately dentifiable performing units which are called:

EMC Services
EMC Projects
R&D Centre

Each unit has its independent Chief and professionals specialized and experienced in both technical & business personnel.

The EMC is recognized as a 'Scientific and Industrial Research Organization-SIRO' by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Being a part of Nuchem Ltd. the EMC is a ISO 9001-2000 Certified unit. It is also an 'Approved' Test House for certification by:

* Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF), Government of India (For EIA studies and other related work)

* Haryana State Pollution Control Board
* U.P.State Pollution Control Board.

EMC services

This wing is dedicated to provide analytical and treatment solutions to the environmental problems faced by industrial enterprises, government bodies and other technical agencies. It enrolls in the study, examination, investigation, dissection, scrutinisation and evaluation of every aspect of the project undertaken. Through its technical expertize, innovation and professional integrity, EMC is an undisputed leader as a Test House in North India.

The core services provided by EMC Services are:

* Environment Monitoring and certification
* Environmental consultancy
* On-line services to public agencies, local bodies, NGOs and enterprises.
All work/output of EMC conforms of the IS standards of Bureau of Indian Standards, Standards of the American Public Health Association (APHA) and the Standard Methods of Chemical Analysis ( SMCA).

EMC Projects

EMC projects organization is the contracting and project management arm of Nuchem in the areas of desalination, water treatment, recycling of urban and industrial wastes, waste water management, etc. The projects contracted are designed, engineered, supplied, installed and commissioned, thus a turn-key job. The projects done in the water management field involves:

* To purify water for applications as varied as drinking water for homes, villages, residential complexes, institutions, industries, cooling towers, furnaces and packaged bottled water and
* To recover pure water from raw sewage for industrial applications.

EMC projects organization comprises a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced scientists, engineers, project managers, cost engineers and constructors. A band of super-specialists are on the panel of consultants and available as required.

Nuchem Group has successfully designed, engineered, manufactured, erected and commissioned more than 600 Reverse Osmosis based Water Treatment Plants with installed plant capacity of over 50 million litres of water per day all over the country. One of the largest sewage reclamation plants of 14.4 MLD, using the reverse osmosis process, in Asia was commissioned by us in 1993. The plant has become an international benchmark for design of such plants and is one of the most successful installations in the world in terms of reverse osmosis technology. This was followed by the successful installation of a sea water reverse osmosis plant in Gujarat in 1994.

Riding on the success of these installations another large sewage reclamation plant starting from raw sewage and treatment through reverse osmosis was commissioned by us for GMR Vasavi Power Corporation Pvt. Ltd, Chennai in 1998. The plant processes 7.2 MLD of sewage per day. A unique feature of the plant is that it is located in a highly populated area but there is virtually no foul odor from the plant as is normally expected from sewage treatment plants. Nuchem Group has been successfully operating and maintaining this plant for the client since its commissioning till date.

Nuchem Group has now gained recognition as a world class supplier of technology for recycling of all types of effluents. While an effluent recycling plant of capacity 4600 m3/day has been set up in 2005 for Birla Copper, Dahej, Gujarat, we have also been awarded contracts for setting up three Effluent Recycling Plants from textile effluent in the Tirupur belt. Each plant is designed to process 4.5 MLD of raw effluent. The plants are designed to use a combination of ultra filtration and reverse osmosis technologies to produce pure water which will be recycled back to the industry.

R & D Centre

It is axiomatic for an enterprise like Nuchem to develop a strong technological base to lead in a competitive economy. The establishment of the R&D centre in 1973 was a conscious decision to invest to become self-sufficient in appropriate technology. Located in a fully equipped premises in the company's Faridabad Complex, it has laboratories, workshops, library, I.T. unit and state-of-the-art infrastructure to conduct operations.

Powered by a team of highly qualified scientists and engineers, the R&D centre initiates a process in the laboratory, tests it at the pilot plant stage and then promotes its commercialization. At this point, the project is implemented in-house or technical know-how is transferred to other entrepreneurs. It also supports process up-gradation, product development, quality assurance and plant safety.

R&D centre also conducts sponsored as well as application esearch which are:

* Thermoset Resins
* Drugs and Fine Chemicals
* Electrodialysis for removal of BOD, Color and Metals from waste water
* Fibreboards, WPPD pulp and agro waste

The R&D centre is recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization - SIRO , by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology. It is also an ISO 9001:2000 certified unit. It has over 17 patents granted to it based on original research.